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K-lytics Seminar Short Reads L


A comprehensive assessment of the commercial potential of the market for Kindle Short Reads and Short Stories on Amazon Kindle.

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+++ NEW 2019 EDITION +++

Short Reads & Short Stories – Volume 1
Market Overview and 144 Short Read Categories Explored (54 pages)
Short Reads & Short Stories – Volume 2
K-lytics Virtual Bestseller List and Best Markets for Short Reads (43 pages)
Short Reads & Short Stories – Volume 3
The Hidden Treasure: 35 Short Story Sub-Markets
(54 pages)

From the content:

  • What are the major market opportunities to explore?
  • What is the fundamental difference between Kindle Short Reads and normal eBooks?
  • How does the demand for normal e-books compare to that for Short Reads?
  • How does this differ by genre?
  • What is the relation between page length and customer satisfaction?
  • What are the effective earnings per page for “shorts” vs. normal e-books in each genre?
  • What is the level of sales of the 6 x 24 Amazon Short Read categories?
  • What has been the evolution from 2015 to 2017 to 2019?
  • Why can Amazon’s Short Read categorization convey a misleading picture?
  • What 3-step approach unlocks the opportunities hidden in Amazon’s data?
  • Why can no software or “spy tool” give you this information?
  • What are the 40 Kindle sub- and sub-sub-categories with the highest short read earnings?
  • Who are the authors earning the most money with short reads?
  • What searches do buyers use on Amazon when looking for shorter books?
  • Find the titles, ranks, copies sold, royalties, review counts, review result, categories, etc. for our “Virtual Top 100 Short Reads Besteller List”
  • What advantage do short stories offer you over “short reads”?
  • What are the winners and losers in the segment that you should know?
  • What are the short story markets you should stay away from?
  • What short story markets are the easiest to rank in?

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