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K-lytics BASIC June 2024

Kindle E-Book Market Trends – June 2024

Latest E-Book Market Trends In this month’s edition of Kindle trends, we again identified Amazon categories that have shown a remarkable sales rank development over the last twelve months. We look at a whole number of niche markets across Romance, Mystery, Thrillers & Suspense, and more. We also make our first projection for the expected […]

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Kindle Category Trends October 2023

Kindle Category Trends – October 2023

Latest Kindle Category Trends: Long- and Short Term Trends In this month’s edition of Kindle trends, we take a longer-term 5-year view at the development of major book genres such as Romance, Mystery, Thrillers & Suspense, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Teen & Young Adult, and more On top, we identified some Amazon niche categories that have […]

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140703 Quality or Quantity

How To Make $100,000 In Kindle Royalties?

Quantity Or Quality? — Is there any book author who would not like to have a six-figure income? – Yes, there is: the one who already makes a seven-figure income. But let us be more modest (for now) and talk about $100,000 in annual royalties. All roads lead to Rome, but many a writer is torn between […]

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PO Kindle Daily Deals

Can Authors Benefit From Kindle Daily Deals?

Amazon wants to feature my book as a Kindle Daily Deal. Now what? Amazon Kindle offers a whole variety of deals for Kindle users, Kindle Daily Deals, Kindle Monthly Deals, countdown deals, holiday specific ones and more. But are they worth pursuing from an author’s or publisher’s perspective when you get invited by Amazon? – […]

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140701 Best Sellers That Do Not Sell

Best Sellers That Do Not Sell

The Author’s Dream — Isn’t it every author’s dream to land a top best seller? Most authors would agree. E-book publishing platforms such as Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) have made it incredibly easy to publish a book and claim “Best Seller” status. So what is the issue?  (more…)

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