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K-lytics Cozy Mystery Seminar


Detailled genre research report on the e-book market for cozy mystery literature



The Cozy Mystery Book Market on Kindle

Edition: September 2023

From the Content (Report + Seminar Video + Bonus Report):

  • Research report on the Amazon Kindle e-book market for cozy mysteries.
  • In this 70-page PDF report, you will obtain a complete overview of the Amazon e-book market for Cozy Mystery. Our analysis goes far beyond the “official” Amazon bestseller lists for “Cozies”. We built a “virtual bestseller list”, distilled from more than 12,000 books, monitored over 4 weeks, to show you the best Cozy Mystery books in the market. We cover important questions, such as:
  • What author earnings can one expect in the Top 20, Top 100, Top 500, etc. Cozy Mysteries?
  • What are the proven price points of the bestselling books?
  • To what extent do “short reads” work in this genre?
  • How does top-selling cover art that you should show to your cover designer look?
  • What Kindle categories do the top Cozy titles use?
  • Which of these categories offer the highest sales but come with the lowest level of competition?
  • What are the best keywords, based on what readers look for when they search for mystery books on Amazon?
  • On top of all this, you receive the complete Top 100 Virtual Bestseller List with all key performance indicators and book descriptions for each of the books. This is your genre bible, saving you weeks of research.
  • What are the most popular themes and market niches in Cozy Mystery? (We reveal trending sub-markets that go beyond the official Amazon bestseller lists for Animal Cozy, Culinary Cozy, and Crafts & Hobbies Cozy.)
  • What are the most popular types of heroes or characters used in the bestselling books?
  • What are the locations or venues of the high-selling cozy mystery plots?
  • What occasions do the most popular “Cozies” center around (i.e. wedding, trip, funeral, cruise, party, etc.?)
  • What are the most popular crimes? Well, murder is one, of course, but what else is there?
  • What is the latest trend in Cozy Mystery that is taking the bestseller lists by storm right now?

Seminar Video Packed With Content

  • Accompanying step-by-step video seminar with K-lytics founder Alex Newton taking you through the research results
  • Bonus insights not available in the PDF report
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