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140703 Quality or Quantity

How To Make $100,000 In Kindle Royalties?

Quantity Or Quality? — Is there any book author who would not like to have a six-figure income? – Yes, there is: the one who already makes a seven-figure income. But let us be more modest (for now) and talk about $100,000 in annual royalties. All roads lead to Rome, but many a writer is torn between […]

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Thumb Know Your Competition

What is the author’s biggest challenge?

79% Agreement — Visibility! This is the one thing which 79% of 300 authors we interviewed mentioned as their single biggest challenge. How to stand out from the crowd? Let us take a look at the Kindle market to illustrate the point. The total number of e-books available on is more than 6 million. The number […]

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Christian Books & Bibles Featured Image

Christian E-Books for Kindle – New Peak?

What is trending? — Religion & Spirituality is the largest category on Amazon Kindle measured by the number of available titles. And within this category, Christian Books & Bibles clearly lead the way with more than 165,000 English e-books available to the reader. This is the latest trend analysis on the genre. (more…)

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Children's Books KDP Kids Book Creator

The Future of Children’s Books and Amazon’s KDP Kids

Amazon’s Launch Of KDP Kids November 11, 2014 — Amazon recently announced KDP Kids and its Kindle Kids’ Book Creator, designed to help children’s book authors prepare, publish and promote both illustrated and chapter books in Kindle Stores worldwide. But what effect did it create on the sales and prices of children’s ebooks? (more…)

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140820 Cookbooks Romance Blog Graph

Ebook Success: Cookbooks Or Romance?

30% Growth In Ebook Supply August 21, 2014 — Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and other ebook platforms have almost completely taken down any market entry barriers for aspiring authors and writers. Courses and books on “How to publish a book on Kindle” or “How to make money with ebooks” have been mushrooming. The result is a […]

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140818 Price Tag

Does Your Book Sell At The Right Price?

Pricing And Business Performance — Price is a key performance lever in any business. Many companies employ whole departments solely focussed on pricing related tasks. For example: monitoring market and competitor prices, identifying price trends, establishing how the demand for the product changes at different price levels, setting list prices, defining promotional prices and monitoring the […]

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