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The Future of Children’s Books and Amazon’s KDP Kids

Amazon’s Launch Of KDP Kids

November 11, 2014 — Amazon recently announced KDP Kids and its Kindle Kids’ Book Creator, designed to help children’s book authors prepare, publish and promote both illustrated and chapter books in Kindle Stores worldwide. But what effect did it create on the sales and prices of children’s ebooks?

Children’s book authors can use Amazon’s new Kindle Kids’ Book Creator tool to easily create illustrated children’s books. The tool also takes advantage of Kindle features like text pop-ups to enable a more interactive experience and make the text more legible on a Kindle device.

This is a clear investment by Amazon to grab a higher share of the children’s book market and bring more children’s book authors onto the Kindle Direct Publishing platform.  Prior to the launch, Children’s eBooks represented the 9th highest selling book category on Amazon Kindle, measured by the sales ranks of the Top 100 Best Sellers in each genre. The average sales per day across the Top 100 Children’s Ebooks were around 50 copies per day at an average price level of $4.80 at the time.

Market Impact Of The Kindle Kids’ Book Creator

Two months after the launch of Amazon’s we took a closer look at what happened to book sales, book prices and book supply of children’s ebooks on Amazon. The result is astonishing.

Find out what happened and how you can benefit in this brief video documentation by the K-lytics team.


About K-lytics

Success in publishing has a lot to do with the proper niche selection – in other words the choice of the right sub-genre or sub-market and the question of how to dominate in such sub-market. And such niche selection requires adequate market intelligence and trend scouting. Kindle publishing has become like drilling for oil. Highly profitable for those who know where to drill and hit a well; incredibly frustrating for those whose exploration efforts take place in the wrong fields or lack the proper technology.

This is where K-lytics, ebook market intelligence for success, comes into play, a unique system to improve your chances of ebook success in the highly competitive ebook market.

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