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Christian E-Books for Kindle – New Peak?

What is trending?

May 23, 2024 --- Religion & Spirituality is the largest category on Amazon Kindle measured by the number of available titles. And within this category, Christian Books & Bibles clearly lead the way with more than 165,000 English e-books available to the reader. This is the latest trend analysis on the genre.

Christian Books & Bibles - Highly Competitive

This huge supply of books makes it a very competitive genre, also reflected by the low average price paid by the readers. This month the average Kindle retail price across the Top 20 Christian titles was as low as 2.64 dollars. This is only a third of what Kindle readers are prepared to pay for Business & Money titles. The good news is, though, that average sales rank of Christian Books & Bibles is very high. In fact, Christian Books & Bibles is the 32nd best-selling out of 368 sub-categories on Amazon Kindle.

Christian Books & Bibles Trends 1600

Christian e-literature on the rise

As of the end of February, the Top-20 titles scored an average Amazon Best Seller Rank of 475 (out of more than 3 million available titles!). And the trend over the last five months is clearly pointing upward. So will we see a new peak? - Hard to say, but especially Amish novels are selling very well these days and may provide further momentum to the whole Christian literature genre.

Economic success in publishing has a lot to do with the proper niche selection - in other words the choice of the right sub-genre or sub-market and the question of how to dominate in such sub-market. And such niche selection requires adequate market intelligence and trend scouting.

Kindle publishing has become like drilling for oil. Highly profitable for those who know where to drill and hit a well; incredibly frustrating for those whose exploration efforts take place in the wrong fields or lack the proper technology.

This is where K-lytics, ebook market intelligence for success, comes into play, a unique system to improve your chances of ebook success.

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