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BASIC October 2017

Best Kindle Categories 2017 – October Update

Amazon Categories – Category Level Trends  October 5, 2017 — So what are the highest selling categories on Amazon Kindle these days? – Romance? Mystery? Thriller? Science Fiction? Fantasy? Nonfiction? And if you also want to learn about how they have been trending over time, we got you covered. Watch the video below and get the […]

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Amazon Search Results Facebook

How To Get Back Full Amazon Search Data

Amazon Search Update – Where Has The Search Result Data Gone?   September 4, 2017 — If you want to succeed in publishing, you have to know the market and the best Kindle categories.  This month, we explore how Amazon has reduced the transparency of the search results and how you can get it back. Get the […]

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Kindle Unlimited 3

Amazon Announces KU 3.0

Kindle Unlimited v3.0 – What changed?  August 4, 2017 — Amazon’s introduction of its pay-per-page royalty scheme (KENPC) for borrows two years ago caused much debate. By comparison, Amazon’s recent announcement of Kindle Unlimited version 3.0 almost went unnoticed. In this K-lytics trend video, we take a closer look at it.. Get the K-lytics BASIC […]

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B1707 Basic video Title 1200

Kindle Publishing 2017 – July Update

Kindle Publishing Tools  July 4, 2017 — If you want to at the top of the self-publishing profession, you have to know the market. You have to match your passion for writing with what the market demands. You have to write what readers want to buy and read. Watch this video to get your first […]

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