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K-lytics Basic September 2021

New Kindle Categories

New Amazon Kindle Categories  September 12, 2021 — Amazon made several changes to its Kindle category structure in recent weeks. Some are minor and occurred at a low level in the browse hierarchy; others were more significant, as they represent new genre designations right at the Kindle ebook sub-category level. Three of the twenty sub-category […]

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Kindle Market Trends July 2021

Hot Kindle Categories 2021 July

Amazon Book Category Trends  July 13, 2021 — In this month’s edition of Kindle trends, we identified another set of Kindle categories that showed more than 50% sales rank improvement over the last 18 months. We cover high-selling genres such as Romance, Mystery Thriller & Suspense, Science Fiction & Fantasy, and Teen &YA. If you […]

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PO Pandemic IMpact

One-Year Pandemic Impact On Book Sales

March 27, 2021 — Watch the latest Kindle publishing trends for 2021 here. We examined the 12-month impact of Covid-19 on ebooks and the Amazon KDP Global Select Fund. Then we analyse the sales developments across Romance, Mystery Thriller Suspense, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Teen Young Adult fiction. How Did The Pandemic Impact Various Book Genres? […]

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140703 Quality or Quantity

How To Make $100,000 In Kindle Royalties?

Quantity Or Quality? — Is there any book author who would not like to have a six-figure income? – Yes, there is: the one who already makes a seven-figure income. But let us be more modest (for now) and talk about $100,000 in annual royalties. All roads lead to Rome, but many a writer is torn between […]

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PO Kindle Store Search basics

Back To Basics: Do You Know Your Kindle Store?

Kindle Browse Categories vs. Best Seller Lists — Many authors use the Amazon book or Kindle store to research their genre, book projects, or their competition. If you know how to maneuver the store and where to find specific pieces of information, Amazon offers a wealth of insights. But when you research your genre or […]

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