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Opportunities and Pitfalls In The
Business & Money eBook Market

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The Opportunity

Every year, more than 20 million business books are sold in the U.S alone.

And Kindle has become an important channel for the business book industry. The Kindle category Business & Money shows many sub-markets where you may prove your authority for your field of expertise.

But the market is competitive, and not all topics sell equally well. Some are simply overcrowded; others lack demand. Our research surfaced the most promising market niches that show high sales and come with a relatively low degree of competition.

On top, you will also find those nonfiction categories where it is still very easy to rank a book.

Get Ahead Of The Game

This K-lytics PREMIUM report reveals the market and performance data of 264 sub-markets in the Kindle e-book market for Business & Money related titles.

The report covers business book genres such as Business Life, Entrepreneurship & Small Business, Finance, Investing, Job Hunting & Careers, Management & Leadership, Marketing & Sales, Technology, Women & Business, and many more.

If you want to stand out from the crowd and be successful as a business book author or publisher, you have to know the market. Our research report and seminar delivers you exactly that insight.



2  Research Reports + 1 Video Seminar

  • Report 1: The Business & Money Genre Report

  • 1 full research report on "Business & Money" and related genres on Amazon Kindle (pdf, 64 pages):
  • The exact structure of the Amazon Kindle market for Business & Money books
  • Sales performance relative to all other main genres on Kindle and 18 months/5-year trends
  • Hidden niche markets that have shown the highest sales rank improvement
  • Development of e-book supply and list of the genre niches with less than 2,000 titles
  • Proven price levels and price development for this genre on Kindle
  • "K-lytics Market Map" identifying the most attractive sub-markets and niches
  • Top-selling cover art to brief your cover designer
  • A detailed breakdown of more than 264 Business & Money sub-markets on Kindle
  • For each category: average sales ranks, estimated sales, growth, prices, competition and more
  • Full alphabetical data summary for easy reference
  • Report 2: Bonus - Business & Money Top 100 Bestseller List Analysis

  • Add-on report on the "Top 100" for the Business & Money Category (pdf, 71 pages) including:
  • Earnings expectations, copies sold per day and estimated monthly royalties in various ranking brackets
  • Typical page length of top-performing titles
  • Top-performing authors and leading publishers
  • Category usage of top-selling titles
  • Top keywords used by Kindle readers on Amazon for this genre
  • Kindle Unlimited vs. Non-KU book performance
  • The use of serialized vs. stand-alone business books and their relative performance
  • Most frequent words in top-selling book titles and book descriptions
  • A Top 100 title database with all key book data points…
  • …including all book descriptions for further plot research and reference
  • Seminar Videos Packed With Content

  • Accompanying videos with K-lytics founder Alex Newton
  • Detailed step-by-step explanation of the research results


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