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Amazon Book Competition on Kindle – By Genre

December 2016 Update

We continue with our analysis of the book market; today we take a look at Amazon book competition on Kindle. The graph below shows the degree of competition for each of the main 30 book genres on the Kindle platform, measured by the number of English titles available. Non-fiction books supply is much bigger than Fiction, but growing at a lower rate. The largest book category on Kindle – aside from the two umbrella categories Literation & Fiction and Non-fiction – is Religion & Spirituality. This genre now exceeds 413,000 available English titles. Interesting. Next comes Romance, followed by Children’s eBooks. The “smallest” main book genres featured on Amazon Kindle are Cookbooks, Food & Wine and and four professional and technical genres that were elevated to main category status by Amazon. But also these latter categories each contain more than 40,000 titles. As you can see, competition is significant in all genres. Therefore, you really have to select niches with care. (Read more)


The graph also shows the change in Amazon Kindle book competition vs. the prior month. You can interpret the indicator in two ways: On the one hand, an increase in book supply could be seen as something positive because it may indicate some demand that authors or publishers identified. On the other hand, one can argue, that a massive influx of new books in a category is something negative since it means more competition for the authors and publishers active in the respective genre. Food for thought. This month we saw a very high influx of new titles in the Teen & Young Adult genre.

In any case, you can see how important it is to define a narrow enough market niche to stand out from the crowd and increase the odds of success. (In our members’ area we look at the data for 425sub-categories and also more than 2500 book sub-sub-categories that represent such market niches.)

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