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The Teen And Young Adult
Book Market Opportunity

There are more than 350 Teen & YA genres. Find out which ones offer the best opportunities.

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The Teen & Young Adult E-Book
Market Seminar

NEW Edition December 2022
Now covering 358 Teen & YA categories!

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Including Level 4 and Level 5 Kindle sub-categories

The Opportunity

Teen books, coming-of-age, new adult, young adult—you name the segment—we are talking about a multi-million dollar industry.

No surprise, Teen & Young Adult has grown to be one of the top six highest-selling bestseller lists on Amazon Kindle.

From high-profile sequels to stunning original debuts, the Teen & YA market has a lot to offer, not just for readers, but for writers and publishers.

You will find traditional, hybrid, and self-publishers in the top ranks. In short, there is an opportunity for everyone who cares to understand and serve the market.

Find out its secrets

This K-lytics PREMIUM report reveals the market and performance data of 358 sub-categories in the Kindle e-book market for Teen & Young Adult titles.

The report covers book genres such as Romance, Science Fiction, Mystery, Thrillers, Suspense, Biography, Comics and Graphic Novels, Horror, Humor, LGBT, Media Tie-In, as well as many sub-niches and nonfiction categories.

If you want to stand out from the crowd and be successful as a teen/YA book author or publisher, you have to know the market. Our research report and seminar delivers you exactly that insight.

Get the facts. Get K-lytics.


2 Research Reports + 1 Video Seminar

The Teen & Young Adult E-Book Market

Report 1: Category Report
The Teen & Young Adult E-Book Market

  • 1 full research report on "Teen & YA" and related genres on Amazon Kindle (pdf, 60 pages)
  • What is the exact structure of the Amazon Kindle market for Teen & Young Adult literature and its more than 100 sub-markets?
  • What has been the Teen & Young Adult sales performance over 18 months, over 7 years, and relative to all other main genres on Kindle?
  • What are the niche markets with the highest continuous sales rank improvement over the last year?
  • What are the proven price points and the price development of Kindle e-books in this genre?
  • What is growth in e-book supply and what niches still exist with less than 2,000 titles in them?
  • What Teen & YA sub-markets offer the best ratio of books sold vs. level of competition
  • Get the "K-lytics Book Strategy Map" for more than 100 sub-markets down to Level 5...
  • ...covering 50 main Teen & Young Adult sub-markets and more than 40 niches hidden in other Kindle categories
  • For each of the niches, which ones offer the highest sales? Which are the easiest to rank in? And much, much more...
K-lytics report

Report 2: Bonus Report
Teen & Young Adult Top-100 Analysis

  • Add-on report on the "Top 100" for the Teen & YA Category (pdf, 56 pages) including:
  • What is the evolution of search interest for Teen & Young Adult books?
  • What are the trending search words (keywords) used by Kindle readers on Amazon for this genre?
  • What are the most frequent words in top-selling book titles and book descriptions?
  • How does top-selling cover art look like that you should show to your cover designer?
  • Who are the top-performing authors and leading publishers in the Teen & YA bestseller list?
  • What is the typical book page length of top-performing titles that readers expect?
  • How do Kindle Unlimited books perform vs. non-KU ones?
  • How do series perform vs. standalone Teen & Young Adult titles?
  • What are the earnings expectations, copies sold per day and estimated monthly royalties in various ranking brackets
  • How do the book descriptions (blurbs) of the leading books in the genre look like?

Seminar Video
Packed With Content

  • Accompanying video (40-minutes) with K-lytics founder Alex Newton
  • Detailed step-by-step explanation of the research results


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