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Do you want to sell more books, face less competition, and achieve a higher return on your publishing investments?

Start doing what the professionals do. Use K-lytics.


If you have any of the following questions, K-lytics is for you:

  • How to find the "best" genre if you start on a clean sheet of paper as a writer or publisher?
  • If you already have a genre of choice, how to find the most profitable niches within it?
  • How to invent new genres and themes based on blending the best niches that already exist?
  • How to improve book categorization for maximum book exposure and sales?
  • How to find book markets and best seller lists where you can achieve "instant" bestseller status?
  • How to improve your timing of publicising in certain niches taking into account seasonality?
  • How to maximize profits by knowing the price levels for any niche genre?
  • How to better meet reader expectations by knowing average book page lengths in your genre?

Content #1: Monthly K-lytics Market Updates

Get the most extensive and accurate information on the e-book market available today. Get an unfair advantage over your competitors.

Report - Features:


For each of the book categories:

  • Ø Sales Rank of Top 20 Titles
  • Estimated Sales per Day per Top 20 Title
  • Ø Sales Rank of No. 1 Bestseller
  • Estimated Sales per Day of No. 1 Bestseller


For each of the book categories:

  • Rise/Drop in Top 20 Titles Ø Sales Rank vs. Prior Month
  • Rise/Drop of No. 1 Bestseller Sales Rank vs. Prior Month


For each of the book categories

  • Average Price of Top 20 Titles
  • Lowest Price among Top 20 Titles
  • Price Change of Top 20 Titles vs. Prior Month


For each of the book categories

  • Number of Titles (Category Size = Degree of Competition)
  • Change of Number of Titles vs. Prior Month


For each of the book categories

  • Average Number of Book Pages per Top 20 Title

(i.e. expected length of a title in the genre)


For each of the book categories

  • Our proprietary index formula to evaluate the commercial attractiveness of Kindle book categories
  • Based on proven weighting and combination of the above book evaluation criteria

A wealth of facts for better decision-making as an author, agent or publisher.
Easy to search pdf-book format and online tool for your convenience.
Issued every month to help you stay ahead of the game.

An indispensable tool for writers and publishers in any genre.
Get your competitive advantage. It is only available to members.

Content #2: Access to Special Market Analyses

Get the latest trends before everybody else.  Take action based on facts, not on myths or hearsay.

The Kindle ebook market is moving fast. Next to the regular monthly K-lytics reports we will issue ad-hoc analyses on hot topics, exclusively available in the K-lytics members area. Examples include:

  • “Category Heat Maps” (see exhibit on the left)
  • “Deep dive” discussion of trending categories
  • Pricing analyses and discussions
  • Selected video tutorials on the analyses
  • And much more…

Content #3: Exclusive FACEBOOK Closed Group

Share experiences with other authors and publishers who have success in mind and go about it in a smart way.

Your K-lytics PREMIUM and ELITE Memberships come with access to our MEMBERS ONLY Facebook Group. This is the place where you can discuss market trends and share experiences in real time amongst the exclusive inner circle of Kindle book authors, publishers, book retailers, book marketers and lifestyle entrepreneurs.

Content #4: Access To Special Genre-Specific Research

You have a genre of choice where you want to achieve more success? We have it covered.

K-lytics PREMIUM and ELITE members get access to special reports that we produce upon request from our members. This way, we provide market intel on markets that are relevant for YOU. Current reports cover both fiction and non-fiction book categories on Kindle.

And on top of all this, you will get access to amazing, members only BONUS CONTENT:


Have you ever wondered how to make at least $100,000 in Kindle royalties? - We help you take a realistic view and make a plan.

FIRST ANSWER: Writing good books that are loved and purchased by readers who provide excellent reviews that in turn attract more readers. Correct. But there is also a "mechanical" aspect to this...

SECOND ANSWER: Proper planning and target setting and executing a program that achieves the target.

Do you actually know how many such "good books" you have to publish, at what price, at what royalty level, and what average sales rank the books have to achieve over a 365 day period to make your $100,000 per year target? What is your strategy? - Many low priced books that sell at an average level. Or few high quality, highly marketed bestsellers?

Sign up to K-lytics PREMIUM or ELITE now and claim this FREE bonus:  a pdf-report containing reference tables that provide you the exact answers to the above questions. An invaluable tool for anyone who wants to make money with Kindle books: Indie authors, digital publishing newbies, self-publishing veterans... just anyone who wants to make money with direct publishing and e-books.


Find profitable niches at a click of a button. Sort, filter and extract market niches according to your needs.

For PREMIUM and ELITE members:
Online tool and downloadable Exel files every month.


Find out how many copies another author or competitor sells of a given Kindle book. This chart will give you the answer in seconds.

Have you ever wondered:
How many copies does a book sell at a given Amazon Sales Rank?

Well, Amazon does not tell you. Yes, you can monitor your book's  sales rank (which can fluctuate widely) and look in Kindle author account to find out how many copies were sold in that time period. This process is tedious and provides you only with data points for your book.

What if you just wanted to have a quick estimate for how many sold copies to expect at a certain Amazon Sales Rank for any book?

Sign up to K-lytics PREMIUM or ELITE now and claim this FREE bonus: a graphical conversion chart that allows to convert the Amazon Sales Rank of a Kindle ebook into the estimated sales per day (i.e. number of sold copies per day) of that title. It is much simpler and much more accurate then all those interactive conversion tools out there.

K-lytics Essentials Video Tutorial Series (HD Quality)

You do not have to be afraid of numbers. We will help you to understand and use them to your advantage.

Everything explained - plain and simple.

"K-LYTICS ESSENTIALS": Our step-by-step video tutorials explain all the essential information you need know to make the most of K-lytics market reports. You do not like numbers? - Do not worry! These videos explain make it totally easy to understand how to use the reports in your decision making and marketing planning.



Join the #1 ebook market research system on the net.

Get best offer that fits your needs:

K-lytics Plans & Pricing Click here to proceed


Is K-lytics both for FICTION and NONFICTION authors and publishers? +

Yes, all membership tiers - K-lytics BASIC, PREMIUM and ELITE cover both fiction and non-fiction.

Both the fiction and nonfiction markets have become very competitive. There are more than 3,000,0000 available English Kindle titles.

K-lytics provides you with the data to compete in these markets and get a decisive information advantage ahead of your competitors (if they ever find out about the truly successful book markets).

What book genres do the K-lytics BASIC Reports cover? +

K-lytics BASIC Reports show data for 30 main book categories. This is the first level of categorization of books into genres presented on the Amazon Kindle Store:

Arts & Photography
Biographies & Memoirs
Business & Money
Children's eBooks
Comics & Graphic Novels
Computers & Technology
Cookbooks, Food & Wine
Crafts, Hobbies & Home
Education & Teaching
Engineering & Transportation
Health, Fitness & Dieting
Humor & Entertainment
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender eBooks
Literature & Fiction
Medical eBooks
Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Parenting & Relationships
Politics & Social Sciences
Religion & Spirituality
Science & Math
Science Fiction & Fantasy
Sports & Outdoors
Teen & Young Adult

What book genres are covered by the K-lytics PREMIUM Reports? +

K-lytics PREMIUM Reports break the 30 main book categories on the Amazon Kindle Store down into sub-categories. There are currently more than 400 of these sub-categories. The number is growing - and we cover them all.

For example, if you go on the Amazon Kindle Store and click on the book category “Health, Fitness & Dieting”, the following sub-categories will show up:


Addiction & Recovery
Alternative Medicine
Beauty, Grooming, & Style
Counseling & Psychology
Death & Grief
Diets & Weight Loss
Diseases & Physical Ailments
Exercise & Fitness
Personal Health
Safety & First Aid
Sports Health & Safety
Teen Health

Another example: If you click onto the main category “Romance”, more than 20 subcategories show up.


African American
Collections & Anthologies
Historical Romance
Multicultural & Interracial
Mystery & Suspense
New Adult & College
Romantic Comedy
Science Fiction
Time Travel

Time Travel

It is this sub-category level of book genres that we cover in the K-lytics PREMIUM reports. In total you will find data on more than 400 sub-categories in the report and in the interactive data tool. This is the level of detail you need at least for your publishing decisions.


What book genres are covered by K-lytics ELITE? +

K-lytics ELITE takes the market intel on each book market niche even another step further. Most of the sub-categories covered in K-lytics PREMIUM can be broken down even further to sub-sub-category level. There are currently more than 2,400 of these sub-sub-categories. This level of information allows laser-sharp targeting of the e-book market.

For example, if you go on the Amazon Kindle Store and click on the book category “Romance”, and then you click on one of the sub-categories, e.g. "Paranormal", you will find a further break down into sub-sub bestseller lists:

Romance-Paranormal-Demons & Devils
Romance-Paranormal-Werewolves & Shifters
Romance-Paranormal-Witches & Wizards

Our interactive data tool will help you to filter out the most attractive niche markets out of more than 2,400 available sub-sub-categories. The data covers both fiction and nonfiction genres.


What information do I find on each listed book genre? +

For each of the 345+ book categories (PREMIUM Report) and 27 main categories (BASIC Report) you will find:


  • Ø Sales Rank of Top 20 Titles
  • Estimated Sales per Day per Top 20 Title
  • Ø Sales Rank of No. 1 Bestseller
  • Estimated Sales per Day of No. 1 Bestseller


  • Rise/Drop in Top 20 Titles Ø Sales Rank vs. Prior Month
  • Rise/Drop of No. 1 Bestseller Sales Rank vs. Prior Month


  • Average Price of Top 20 Titles
  • Lowest Price among Top 20 Titles
  • Price Change of Top 20 Titles vs. Prior Month


  • Number of Titles (Category Size = Degree of Competion)
  • Change of Number of Titles vs. Prior Month
  • Average Number of Book Pages per Top 20 Title
  • (i.e. expected length of a title in the genre)


  • Our proprietary index formula to evaluate the commercial attractiveness of Kindle book categories
  • The index is based on proven weighting and combination of the above book evaluation criteria.
Where does the data come from? +

Each month we monitor and sample close to 100,000 book titles. For the 30 main Kindle book categories covered in the K-lytics BASIC reports we take the top 100 titles in each book category. For the more than 400 sub-categories covered in the K-lytics PREMIUM and the more than 2,400 sub-sub-categories in K-lytics ELITE, we take the top 20 titles in each market and monitor them over a period of time. The monitoring results serve as an indicator of how the book category performs relative to other categories.

Is the data sample large enough to be representative of a whole book category? +

In other words: Is 20 books enough to provide a picture of how a whole book sub-category or sub-sub-category performs?

YES. Consider this:  When we analyse the top 20 bestsellers for each of the 400+ book sub-categories and 2,400 sub-sub-categories we find a very interesting phenomenon:

The sales of any category are actually mostly happening in the top 20 titles that are displayed on the Top-20 Bestseller list. For 50% of the 400+ Amazon Kindle book sub-categories, the Sales Rank for the No. 20 Bestseller is 20,000 or worse. In other words, only about 5 books sold per day worldwide for the No. 20 title of that category. And for more than 90% of the book sub-categories, the No. 20 book title achieves a Sales Rank of 1,000 or worse (i.e. less than 100 books per day worldwide). So, yes, taking the averages across the top 20 titles of a book sub-category provides a good indicator of relative book category performance.

You will find a more detailed explanation of the methodology in the Member's area.

How does K-lytics differ from so-called Kindle keyword or niche finding software tools? +

K-lytics is NOT a tool or software. It is a a market intelligence service that provides unique insight based on an ever-increasing wealth of data on ebooks in the market. Keyword or niche-finding software 'tools' in the market all have one major flaw. They extract data from best seller lists at one point in time and basically tell you that whatever ranks high in those lists at that instant is "what is hot" and what you should go after. Consider this, though: Statistically, the sales rank of any book on Kindle fluctuates on average by +/- 25% in a given 24 hour period, and up to +/- 90% over 30 days. The effect of price promotions distort the picture even more. So a book or topic seems "selling" in one instant, can be a total non-seller in the next. Unless you constantly monitor books and whole genres over time, like we do, you can be totally led into a wrong direction. Keyword or niche-finding tools give you a snapshot of the market at a point in time; this can portray a totally misleading picture. At K-lytics, by contract, we look at am growing database of already hundreds of thousands of data points on book sales performances. This way we can tell you a) for sure what is continuously ranking high or not and b) what is trending up or down. As a K-lytics PREMIUM or ELITE member you can find trends as they emerge, not when they are over. And you will get the most accurate picture of the current market situation. Only Amazon itself, has more and better data.

Thank you for your interest. Find the membership and pricing plan that fits your needs here.