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Clean Romance Market Seminar 2020 Edition

A Spectacular Performance

"Clean & Wholesome" is a romance category that has experienced an extraordinary sales growth on the Kindle platform. Its e-book sales have increased by a factor of more than 8 in the four years since the introduction of the category!

Sounds exciting? Yes! – Clean Romance sells. It represents a clear counter-movement to the steamy, "Fifty Shades Of Grey" type of novels. And there are a lot of romance readers out there who prefer "clean" reads.

Our new report and seminar will save you countless hours of research and provide you with in-depth market insights for your book projects.

On top, we compiled a bonus report focusing on "Contemporary Clean Romance," which constitutes about half of the clean/sweet/wholesome market value.

This market has been the No 1 most resilient romance book-market during COVID-19 lockdowns and even increased its sales ranks since end of last year. The time is now. This seminar is for you.


2 full research reports + 1 video seminar

  • 1 detailed research report on the "Clean Romance 2020" e-book market (pdf, 100+ pages) including:
  • Sales performance of clean romance and related categories over the last 4 years
  • A full market profile based on our "Virtual Bestseller List" according to true Amazon Sales Rank, not display sequence
  • Earnings expectations, copies sold per day and estimated monthly royalties in various ranking brackets
  • Top authors and their publishers (indie and traditional)
  • Highest royalty-yields by clean themes and protagonists (high-level tropes)
  • Performance of historical vs. contemporary clean romance titles over time
  • Short reads share and expected book page length analysis
  • Performance of serialized vs. stand-alone books
  • Overview of top-selling cover art that you should show to your designer
  • Proven price points for your book pricing strategy
  • Sales rank performance of Kindle Unlimited vs. non-KU books
  • Kindle category usage of top-selling books
  • Categories with the best ratio of sales level to degree of competition
  • Top keywords to use in your book titles, sub-titles and book descriptions
  • A Top 100 title database with all key book data points, including all book descriptions for further plot research...
  • …linked to the Kindle store for easy access and future reference
  • 1 BONUS REPORT: Clean Contemporary Romance (pdf, 100+ pages)
  • Accompanying video seminar that guides you through the report content, step-by-step and easy to understand


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