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Detailed research report on e-book market for Business & Money books.

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The Market For Business & Money E-Books

Edition: March 2020

  • 2 Research Reports + 1 Video Seminar
  • Break-down of the Kindle main genre ‘Business & Money’ to the next level of detail
  • Covers data about 264 relevant sub- and sub-sub-categories within the main Business & Money category and from other categories on Kindle
  • Includes business book genres such as Business Life, Entrepreneurship & Small Business, Finance, Investing, Job Hunting & Careers, Management & Leadership, Marketing & Sales, Technology, Women & Business, and many more.

From the Content:

Report 1: Business & Money Genre Report

  • 1 full research report on “Business & Money” and related genres on Amazon Kindle (pdf, 64 pages):
  • The exact structure of the Amazon Kindle market for Business & Money books
  • Sales performance relative to all other main genres on Kindle and 18 months/5-year trend
  • Hidden niche markets that have shown the highest sales rank improvement
  • Development of e-book supply and list of the genre niches with less than 2,000 titles
  • Proven price levels and price development for this genre on Kindle
  • “K-lytics Market Map” identifying the most attractive sub-markets and niches
  • Top-selling cover art to brief your cover designer
  • A detailed breakdown of more than 264 Business & Money sub-markets on Kindle
  • For each category: average sales ranks, estimated sales, growth, prices, competition and more
  • Full alphabetical data summary for easy reference

Report 2: Bonus – Business & Money Top 100 Bestseller List Analysis

  • Add-on report on the “Top 100” for the Business & Money Category (pdf, 71 pages) including:
  • Earnings expectations, copies sold per day and estimated monthly royalties in various ranking brackets
  • Typical page length of top-performing titles
  • Top-performing authors and leading publishers
  • Category usage of top-selling titles
  • Top keywords used by Kindle readers on Amazon for this genre
  • Most frequent words in top-selling book titles and book descriptions
  • Kindle Unlimited vs. Non-KU book performance
  • The use of serialized vs. stand-alone business books and their relative performance
  • A Top 100 title database with all key book data points…
  • …including all book descriptions for further plot research and reference

Seminar Videos Packed With Content

  • Accompanying videos with K-lytics founder Alex Newton
  • Detailed step-by-step explanation of the research results
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