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K-lytics Box Sets And Collections L


A comprehensive assessment of the commercial potential of the market for box sets, anthologies, and collections on Amazon Kindle.

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Box Set Research | From the content:

  • What are the six main rationales for publishing box sets?
  • Which ones can be observed most often in the market place?
  • What are the market size and typical sales rank ranges for Kindle box sets?
  • What genres generate the highest box set sales?
  • What is the best timing for publishing box sets?
  • Should you go for single-author or multi-author box sets?
  • What are the basic trade-offs between box sets and individual book sales?
  • What are the available Kindle categories for anthologies and collections?
  • What are the different sales rank trends for such categories across the main genres Romance, Mystery/Thriller/Suspense, Science Fiction, and Fantasy?
  • Which categories related to box sets, anthologies, and collections offer the highest sales and the lowest level of competition?
  • What is the optimal number of books that should go into one box set?
  • What is the success of “complete series” vs. “sampler” type of box sets?
  • What is the typical length of the individual books in top-selling box sets?
  • What is the total number of pages of top-selling box sets?
  • What are the most common price levels for box sets?
  • Which box set prices achieve the highest earnings in royalties?
  • How much “value” should you pack into the box set?
  • What are the best discount levels of the box set deal vs. your individual books?
  • What are the highest volume keywords attached to box sets?
  • What categories do the Top 100 highest-selling box sets use?
  • What are the top-performing box set authors?
  • What is the role of indies vs. traditional publishers in the segment?
  • What are the most frequent and highest-earning title designations for box sets?
  • What’s the share of 3D vs. 2D box set covers in the in the top end of the market?
  • How do book titles and descriptions of top-selling box sets look like?
  • And all this data comes with 45 minutes of video content, where Alex from K-lytics takes you through the research results.

Why Box Sets Matter:

A box set is a collection of books packaged in a box (or single file) and sold as a single unit.

Gone are the pre-digital publishing days where such box sets were costly and difficult to distribute; paperbacks or hardbacks were literally bundled together in a cardboard box.

In today’s e-book world, creating “virtual box sets” is practically as fast, easy and cost-efficient as publishing your individual titles.

Given the additional income such box sets can generate, many top-earning e-book authors use them as a must-have tool in their marketing arsenal.

Get The Facts

Box sets come with countless variables: timing, number of books, title selection, price point, “package value,” discount level, to name a few.

No wonder there are as many opinions about what works for box sets as there are possibilities of creating them. The good news is, there are many excellent blog posts and forum discussions to give you some guidance.

What if you additionally had some statistical evidence of what tends to work best?

This new K-lytics research report examines the performance of more than 12,000 e-book collections to provide you with answers to the 25 most pressing questions about box sets.


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