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How To Succeed In Paranormal Romance

Where vampires, shifters or aliens fall in love, there is big money. Paranormal romance is one of the highest-selling ebook markets. Get ahead of the game and find out about the latest market trends.

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It Is Official: One In Three Americans...

People are obsessed with paranormal phenomena and the supernatural. A recent poll found that over 71% of Americans believe in “miracles,” 42% of Americans believe that “ghosts” exist, and 41% think that “extrasensory perception” (e.g., telepathy) is possible.

The blockbuster Twilight, the big TV hits like Vampire Diaries and The Walking Dead, and the flood of paranormal romance books on Amazon illustrate our society's utter fascination with paranormal figures and stories.

In Romance, a paranormal character and the world they represent provide an escapism and turn-on for many women. Vampires, shapeshifters, and aliens enter the stage where real men can't keep up.

The Paranormal Romance Opportunity

At K-lytics, we we look at data that even many publishers do not have.

    • "Paranormal Romance" is is constantly among the Top 5 Romance genres on Kindle
    • The sales per day for a Paranormal Romance title in the top 20 exceeds 400 copies per day
    • The performance of this  bestseller list has been at such a high level consistently over the last 18 months
    • And Paranormal Romance offers some of the most attractive sub-genres among all 92 Romance categories on Kindle

For authors and publishers who know the market, paranormal romance offers a massive opportunity


1 Paranormal Romance Market Report
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  • What is the market size and composition of the Paranormal Romance market on Kindle?
  • What sets Paranormal Romance apart from other related genres?
  • Which Paranormal Romance segments show the highest sales and growth?
  • What Kindle categories do the top selling books in Paranormal Romance use?
  • Which of these categories offer the best ratio of books sold vs. level of competition?
  • What are the proven price points of Kindle e-books in this genre?
  • What does top-selling cover art look like that your cover designer should know?
  • Who are the top-performing Paranormal Romance authors and leading publishers?
  • What is the typical book length of top-performing titles that readers expect?
  • What are the trending search words (keywords) used by Kindle readers on Amazon for this genre?
  • What are the key data points for the Top 100 bestselling Paranormal Romance books including book descriptions?
  • What is the "Virtual Top 100" and the latest trend for Shifter Romance novels? (Full Bonus Report)
  • What is the "Virtual Top 100" and the latest trend for Teen & YA Paranormal novels? (Full Bonus Report)
  • And much more...
  • All this is accompanied by 3 videos, where K-lytics founder Alex Newton takes you through the research results

Note: Your market research reports are delivered in Pdf-format. The videos will be streamed on-demand on the seminar webpage.


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