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One-Year Pandemic Impact On Book Sales

March 27, 2021 — Watch the latest Kindle publishing trends for 2021 here. We examined the 12-month impact of Covid-19 on ebooks and the Amazon KDP Global Select Fund. Then we analyse the sales developments across Romance, Mystery Thriller Suspense, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Teen Young Adult fiction.

How Did The Pandemic Impact Various Book Genres?

In each major genre, we look at specific subcategories that showed a noticeable sales rank performance trend. Was the category trending up or down? – Have certain genres and themes been more impacted by the lockdown periods than others? – Who are the winners and losers? – Find out in this video and get the K-lytics BASIC report accompanying this video for free HERE



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The 30 Main Kindle Categories

You want to identify a Kindle sales trend to support your book projects and publishing decisions? Look no further: We cover sales rank, estimated sales per day, book sales volume growth, book price levels, price trends in more than 7,800 Kindle niches.

Kindle publishing success starts with knowing the market. Our database goes way beyond that what off-the-shelf Kindle software tools offer. We analyzed millions of data points for more than 12 months to really understand how Amazon sales ranks truly work and react. Sales ranks typically fluctuate by as much as plus/minus 25% in a 24 hour period and up to 90% over 30 days. So if you look at a bestseller list just at one point in time, you can be totally led astray. K-lytics “irons out” the peaks and valleys of book sales performance by monitoring best seller lists over time.


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