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Analysis: Kindle Short Reads Pricing

Special Analysis: Kindle Short Reads Pricing

We analysed more than 17,000 Short Reads across all 24 Short Read genres and all 6 Short Read page-length categories on Kindle to better understand the current pricing for these types of books.

Two price points clearly dominate: 38% of Short Reads are priced at $0.99; 35% at $2.99.

This data is from December 2016. Overall, the pricing structure has not changed much over time. In, May 2015, the overall picture was exactly the same, though the share of $0.99 books was marginally higher back then.

As a side note concerning borrows, the share of Kindle Unlimited eligible books has remained virtually unchanged since the introduction of “KU 2.0” (pay per page view.) In May 2015, i.e. just before the switch to the new Amazon Kindle royalty scheme for borrows, the KU penetration among Short reads was at 41%. At the time, it was argued that many authors would leave Kindle Unlimited because earnings from borrows took a significant hit by the new remuneration scheme. However, about 18 months later, the KU share among Short Reads is still at 42%.

SA Short Reads Pricing


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