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Market Map for Amazon Kindle

November 2015 Update

Imagine you had a market map for Amazon Kindle. What do I mean by that? – Well, many of you asked the question as to how the sales level of various Kindle categories related to the degree of competition in the category. In other words, in what Amazon category do we find the highest level of sales vs. the lowest degree of competition.

Using the market data we have for each of the 30 main Kindle book genres, I put both values – sales and competition – together in one chart.

In essence, the chart plots the demand of books vs. the supply of books. That is why I refer to it as a market map.or “Book Strategy Map”. Here are the results for this month:

K-lytics BASIC - Kindle Strategy Map Graph

The categories in the green area are the ones that show the highest level of sales at the lowest degree of competition (measured by the number of titles in the category.) This should be pretty self-explanatory. If you have any difficulties with it, I made a STRATEGY MAP TRAINING VIDEO explaining everything.

Expanding The View To Kindle Subcategories

Now, please allow me to wear my sales hat for a second. Imagine you had such map for each of the 419 Kindle subcategories? Imagine you knew exactly which of the more than  subcategories qualify as “hot cells”, “hot niches”, or “hot mainstream”? – I know, it would be an invaluable asset. Well, such map does exist. It is available to all our Premium members at the click of a button.

SC K-lytics Premium Promo Map

Interested in getting the market map and much, much more for 419 book genres? – CLICK HERE.

And there is even more, since we now launched K-lytics ELITE, covering more than 2,450 Kindle book sub-sub-categories.

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