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Back To Basics: Do You Know Your Kindle Store?

Kindle Browse Categories vs. Best Seller Lists

May 23, 2024

— Many authors use the Amazon book or Kindle store to research their genre, book projects, or their competition. If you know how to maneuver the store and where to find specific pieces of information, Amazon offers a wealth of insights. But when you research your genre or target market, you have to know how to navigate the Kindle store and understand what each of the views means and actually displays. Otherwise, you may misinterpret the search or browse results.

Do you know how to quickly navigate to the pages that are relevant for authors and publishers?

Do you know the sequence in which Amazon displays books in browser categories and searches?

Do you know the difference between "browse categories" and "bestseller lists"? (No, they are not quite the same if you thought so.)

I put together a brief video that explains some of the very basics that are often forgotten (or perhaps not even known to some):

Happy publishing!

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One Response to Back To Basics: Do You Know Your Kindle Store?

  1. Patricia Tiegs May 16, 2018 at 7:24 pm #

    Thank you for this short video. Have watched it twice now and I finally get the difference you highlighted. Excellent use of my time. Please keep them coming!