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Female Detectives and Sleuths

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The Female Detectives & Sleuths
Book Market Seminar

New Edition | May 2023 | Non-Cozy

K-lytics Female detectives and sleuths report

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Thinking of writing or publishing a mystery, thriller, suspense or crime novel? We bring you the market insights and the data power of the Amazon platform to your projects. Learn what sells and what does not. Don't waste time and money on the wrong projects. Make your life easier and get this vital market information today. 

The Opportunity

Women readers have come to dominate fiction. In fact, they represent 75% of the most active e-readers – defined as readers who spend at least 30 minutes a day using electronic books.  

Combine this with the fact that Mystery, Thriller & Suspense is one of the highest-selling bestseller lists on Kindle. 

No wonder, female writers have come to dominate crime fiction, a genre traditionally associated with men. And books featuring strong female protagonists have played a major part in this ongoing evolution. 

Get Ahead of the Game

While Amazon does provide several dedicated categories for female protagonist mysteries and crime fiction, the market for such books is not very transparent. But we took a closer look to solve the problem.

This K-lytics report reveals the top-performers of this ebook market segment by analyzing more than 10,000 current titles. Get the results from our unique "virtual bestseller list approach."

If you want to stand out from the crowd and be successful as an author or publisher, you have to know the market. Our research report and seminar deliver you exactly that insight.

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The Female Detectives & Sleuths Market Report
(90-page pdf document)

  • What is the magnitude of Female Detectives book sales on Kindle and its relevant categories?
  • What has been the sales trend for Kindle categories most used by Female Detective books over the last seven years?
  • What is the share of cozy vs. non-cozy books in this market segment?
  • What is the level of competition for Female Detective books in various categories and overall?
  • How has the book supply developed month by month?
  • What does our "virtual bestseller list" for Female Detective look like?
  • What categories do the bestselling Female Detective e-books use for optimal visibility?
  • Which of these categories offer the best ratio of books sold vs. the level of competition?
  • What does top-selling cover art look like that you should show to your cover designer?
  • What sub-segments/themes earn the highest royalties in the market?
  • Who are the top-performing authors in our cross-category Female Detective bestseller list?
  • Who are the leading publishers in the Female Detective segment right now?
  • What is the success of books published in Kindle Unlimited vs. Non-KU titles?
  • What is the performance of books that are part of a series vs. standalone titles?
  • What is the Amazon Kindle Short Reads share in the segment?
  • What is the typical book page length of top-performing titles that readers expect?
  • What are the trending search words (keywords) used by Kindle readers on Amazon for this genre?
  • What are the most frequent words in top-selling book titles and book descriptions?
  • What are the proven price points that are used in the genre?
  • Additionally, get a database with all essential data points for the Top 100 bestselling Female Detective books across categories, including all book descriptions for your inspiration and reference.
K-lytics Female Detectives and Sleuths video seminar

Seminar Video Packed With Content
(45 minutes)

  • Accompanying  video by K-lytics founder Alex Newton
  • Detailed step-by-step explanation of the research results
  • Bonus insights not available in the Pdf-report


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