Find The Best Niches In The Italian Amazon Kindle eBook Market

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The Opportunity

The ebook supply in Italy is considerably underdeveloped compared to the Untied States. Sure, the absolute size of the ebook market in Italy is way smaller than in the USA, too, but so is the level of market maturity and competition. And that is exactly the point!

But anyone who wants go after the Kindle publishing opportunity in Italy faces one major problem: lack of market information.

If you have any of the following questions, this is for you:

  • Which ebook categories (genres) show the highest level of sales on
  • Which ones are currently trending up, which ones are trending down?
  • What categories offer the lowest possible level of competition?
  • How to select the best market niches based on facts rather than gut feeling?
  • How to stop wasting countless hours of research as an author or publisher?
  • What categories to choose for optimal exposure of your book?


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