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PO Kindle Daily Deals

Can Authors Benefit From Kindle Daily Deals?

Amazon wants to feature my book as a Kindle Daily Deal. Now what? Amazon Kindle offers a whole variety of deals for Kindle users, Kindle Daily Deals, Kindle Monthly Deals, countdown deals, holiday specific ones and more. But are they worth pursuing from an author’s or publisher’s perspective when you get invited by Amazon? – […]

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PO Pandemic IMpact

One-Year Pandemic Impact On Book Sales

March 27, 2021 — Watch the latest Kindle publishing trends for 2021 here. We examined the 12-month impact of Covid-19 on ebooks and the Amazon KDP Global Select Fund. Then we analyse the sales developments across Romance, Mystery Thriller Suspense, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Teen Young Adult fiction. How Did The Pandemic Impact Various Book Genres? […]

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PO Romance Themes and Heroes FB

Romance Heroes and Themes

— What are the highest-selling Romance heroes and the most popular romance plots? – Find out how to use the new advanced search and filter options on Amazon Kindle to develop a completely new perspective on romance novels and the profitable niches this genre. (more…)

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