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Amazon Sales Growth – Riding On The Wave

November 2015 Update

The ebook market is very dynamic: high growth, a high degree of competition, seasonal fluctuations in sales – just to name a few factors. In such an environment, it is vital that you know what is going on if you want to succeed as an author, literary agent or publisher. It is like flying an airplane in the clouds and turbulent air. You must have an instrument panel, a dashboard with indicators that help you maneuver. What if you had such a dashboard for the e-book market?

The graph below shows you one of a number of key indicators we provide and use at K-lytics: Rank Momentum. Each month, we monitor the sales ranks of the books in the Top 100 bestseller lists. We do this on different days of the month to “iron out” short-term fluctuations in sales ranks that would otherwise distort the picture. This month, for example, we collected data points from more than 24,000 book observations. This way we can compute the average sales rank for a whole book category (i.e. a book genre). And the percentage improvement (or deterioration) in sales rank from one month to the other is what we call the Rank Momentum of a book genre. (Read more)

K-lytics BASIC - Kindle Main Category Rank Momentum - Report Extract

Amazon Sales Growth

If the average sales rank of a category improves from one month to another, then we talk about positive rank momentum. And this is what we are looking for because we want “ride the wave” of Amazon sales growth.

For example, at the top of the graph you can see book categories that improved in sales rank.

At the bottom of the list, we find book genres that lost ground this month relative to the other genres.

Sales growth is one important factor (but not the only one) to look at if you want to identify profitable niches in the Amazon Kindle Store and on other ebook platforms. In our members’ area, we look at the data for 419 sub-categories and also more than 2,400 book sub-sub-categories that represent such market niches.

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